Zeta Brewing Company

In early 2014, a small beach bar called Zeta decided to join the ranks of elite Jacksonville craft breweries. The result is Zeta Brewing Company, creators of traditional ales, seasonal saisons and meticulously-crafted porters.

The closest brewery to the sands of Jacksonville Beach formed a social media presence as artistic as its liquid creations. The notable Instagram feed focuses on showcasing new seasonal brews, featured guest beer tastings, incredibly popular brunch and ties to the Jacksonville community.

Zeta Brewing became the number one Jacksonville brewery Instagram account based on following and engagement, surpassing acclaimed breweries like Intuition Ale Works and Bold City Brewery.

Beer Tastings

After creating a successful brewery business and atmosphere, Zeta Brewing Co. used social media to create new partnerships with breweries around the country. The Zeta Brewing Beer Tastings were established in 2014 and take place every Wednesday evening in Jacksonville Beach. The goal of the campaign was to increase business during the slower hours on Wednesdays. Zeta Brewing also aimed to network with local breweries and beverage distributors to get more national selections in the taproom.

Zeta Brewing Beer Tastings were an instant success within the Jacksonville beer scene. The craft beer tastings have featured several notable local breweries like Intuition Ale Works and Engine 15 Brewing. The tastings also created partnerships with regional breweries like Funky Buddha along with national brands like Sierra NevadaBallast PointSweetWater Brewing and Stone Brewing Co.


  • 23% more Facebook impressions compared to non-campaign content
  • 13% more Instagram engagement compared to non-campaign content
  • Overall increase in business/revenue during Wednesday evenings in Zeta Brewing

Great Drinkers of History

Being a new brewery, Zeta Brewing Co. needed to do some solid research on the art of craft beer and its history. It turns out that several notable figures throughout history have provided their two cents on the best beverage on the planet. Zeta published the Great Drinkers of History series throughout 2014 and early 2015 to showcase the greatest quotes, thoughts, and writings on beer from some of the most historically significant men and women of every generation. 

This campaign provided some good laughs for the fanbase while establishing  Zeta Brewing as a knowledgeable, fun brewery. From U.S. presidents to playwrights to accordion players, several folks had a lot of great things to say about their liquid gold. Cheers!  


  • 53% increase in Instagram followers over the course of the campaign
  • 32% more Instagram engagement (likes and comments) compared to non-campaign posts
  • 83% more Facebook impressions compared to non-campaign posts